Police in Bismarck are warning about two recent scams, one by phone, the other via social media.

Bismarck Police say a woman was victim of a "virtual kidnap" scam last week. They report she got a phone call from someone claiming to be her son and calling for help. Another voice came on the phone claiming to have kidnapped the son and demanding $900 in ransom via wire transfer, which she paid.

As it turned out, her son was fine and it was all a scam.

Another scam took place earlier in the month involving Facebook.

A 67-year-old Bismarck woman lost $850 in a Facebook messenger scam.

NBC/North Dakota news reports a woman received a Facebook message claiming to be from a family friend, saying she was "eligible for money form the government."

The Police say she called the number provided and sent $850 for handling fees.

The Bismarck Police Department have a some tips for you in case you get a call from a supposed "kidnapper." You can check it out here.

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