Bismarck Police Officers successfully talked the man out of his vehicle and he is in custody. We appreciate the patience and cooperation of the public during this call for service. Walmart is open for normal business again.



These have to be the most difficult situations police come across

When I hear about news items like this, the very first thing I think of is that police have an extremely difficult situation on their hands - where people will be monitoring every action they take -  because everyone seems to have their own opinions on how things like this should be handled - The police, on the other hand, makes it clear that SAFETY for everyone is their main concern.

"Active Scene At North Walmart - Avoid Area"

This is what the Bismarck Police Department Facebook posted about 38 minutes ago, asking the public to make sure they avoid this area, which is dealing with a situation.

"Bismarck Police Officers are currently dealing with a subject that is possibly armed in the parking lot of North Walmart. The individual is alone, and refusing to come out of his vehicle to speak with officers. We will update everyone when there is more information. Please stay out of the area to let officers work and for the safety of the public"

Information of course from people that are close to the scene is pouring in...

...and the Bismarck PD released this bit of information as well "Bismarck Police Department We have also received information from Walmart management that they are closing the store until further notice. Please follow this post for updates"  So in order for the police to do their job, please avoid the area - there is a reason WHY the police ask for your help in this - once again, safety for the public and the person or persons involved in this matter.

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