THE golf tournament which is even more famous than the Masters ( almost )

Well, it's almost here, the event we have been waiting for since it wrapped up last year. There is still time for you to get your team of 5 together, and sign up NOW. If you have never been a part of this, or have no idea what I'm talking about, let me enlighten you! There are ten bars from Bismarck and Mandan on this prestigious tour, your team will be given a location to start out at, doesn't matter if you have all women, or men, or a combination of both, one of you MUST be the team's designated driver.

Each bar has a unique putt-putt hole to display your talents

Keeping score at every stop, all 5 team members putt, and just like golf, the idea is to put the round ball in the hole ( which is not easy after consuming alcohol ). Here are some fun tips, you and your teammates can dress up in any kind of costume you want, shirts diplayed with x-rated names are usually visible and worn proudly ( the downfall to that is if you come in first place, we won't be able to mention your team on the radio ). This is our 18 annual, think about that, people love it, and you need to be with us!

WHEN: April 30th  - 10:30 am Start


Borrowed Bucks Roadhouse

The Stadium Sports Bar

Stage Stop Saloon and Grill

Crossroads Tavern

Cheap Shots Sports Grill

Tap In Tavern

Pub 21

The Elbow Room/Roundhouse

The Lonesome Dove

The Scapegoat



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