I can understand why many people can assume the worst these present days

So I came across this bit of news late yesterday afternoon on Bismarck People Reporting News - within just a minute or two of reading some comments I could feel the sense of panic. The headline of someone's question was simple and to the point - "Paradiso CLOSED?" - Of course, a quick thought flashed through my head of other restaurants in Bismarck and Mandan that have had to close their doors for good this past year. I wasn't the only one that was starting to panic, to worry, to think that we were about to lose another great place, "...went for some supper and drinks - Outside lights ON...dark INSIDE. No lights, No cars"  Was this yet another place that had to succumb to the daily grind of having enough employees to run their restaurant?

I told myself to try and stay positive...

...and sure enough, I was rewarded. I started skimming through the rest of the comments from others and one stood out plain and simple - it also made the most sense. "Water pipe busted. Be closed a few days..."  Well, there you go. I resolved to myself to let that be the happy ending news I was staying upbeat for, but just in case, I wanted to make sure. I waited until mid-morning today to actually personally call Paradiso - over at 2620 State ST. The employee that answered relayed the same basic information about the water pipe, and that "...they are shooting for this Friday to be open"


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