I remember hearing about this a couple of months ago, my first thought was "How strange"

I'll bet I wasn't the first person to think that way. A farmer from a small town in North Dakota was in jail, in Ukraine, under the suspicion of attempting to arrange the assassination of Ukraine’s agriculture minister. He's been there behind lock and key for two months now. What the heck?

Just a mere 5,212 miles separate North Dakota from Ukraine

His name is Kurt Groszhans, he is a farmer and lives in Ashley, North Dakota - a population of around 574 people. How in the world could someone from such a small dot on the map find themself in serious trouble in a strange country so far away?

Groszhan moved to Ukraine back in 2017 to pursue some business leads

The tangled weave of mystery began Kurt left Ashley, North Dakota. According to KX News "Groszhans moved to Ukraine in 2017 and began business ties with Roman Leshchenko, who is now the minister of Agrarian Policy and Food in Ukraine, and the man Groszhans is accused of plotting to kill" There is more intrigue involved as Groszhan claims he was "Set-up" and that they have no proof of their accusation against him.

Keep in mind now that he has been incarcerated for a while now, so what's next?

Well, he just recently appeared before several judges and they ruled that he remain confined, and sit there until a trial begins hopefully next month. KX News reported that "Family members of Groszhans started a gofundme for him" Let's hope the truth comes out, and if Groszhan is found innocent, those who allegedly framed him will be punished.

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