As a gamer myself, I went through the agonizing loooooong days of dreaming if I would ever get a chance to land my hands on a PS5

Can you believe that it's coming up on TWO years since the release of the infamous PlayStation 5 console??? I say that out of amazement and not sheer anger because I finally bought one last winter. I suffered the loss last year of waiting for like almost an hour when just a few PS5s were teasing everyone here In Bismarck/Mandan online on a "Black Friday Special Sale through Walmart" -  much to my horror, I was next in line to buy a console, I had my credit card out, and the server crashed ( it's not pretty watching a grown man crying while banging his head on the desk ). Today is September 6th, 2022, and you STILL can't find a PS5 at a store anywhere. So then, do you suddenly switch your loyalty over to the good folks of Xbox? You can sure try, but you won't have any luck - can't find them anywhere! So then, which console do you think is North Dakota's most popular...PlayStation 5 OR Xbox Series X? I'll get to that in a minute. For all of you frustrated people who are still without the latest consoles, your question is simple - WHY the shortage? The answer is still the same, a semiconductor chip shortage.

Now, what would your guess be? What would you think is North Dakota's most popular gaming console? I said the PS5.....

......but I was wrong. The five-year-old Nintendo Switch ranked as the favorite console in 16 states ( North Dakota being one of them ) and wasn’t far behind the PS5 across many parts of the US. The experts at have analyzed Google search trends data to determine which console is the most popular in each US state. I just feel lucky that I even have a PS5, so WHEN will the PS6 come out? Yikes! 


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