People can be cruel, fickle, and just downright nasty

These are some things I have come to know while growing up, AND thanks to social media, we see it almost every. day - People can be cruel, fickle, and downright nasty. How so you say? Well, let's take Bismarck native Carson Wentz as an example.

Local sports hero from Century High - goes on to be a dominant quarterback in college and helps win a Super Bowl championship in the NFL

To give you some brief stats on Carson, after graduating from Century High, he went on to lead the North Dakota State Bison football team to two consecutive NCAA FCS national championships as a starter. A number 2nd overall draft pick by the Philadelphia Eagles in 2016, the following year the Eagles won their first Super Bowl ever, and Carson played an enormous role in that...

...and then life started becoming rough for Carson.

It really is no surprise that playing football over an extended time is bound to bring injuries, that's exactly what happened to Carson. He was never quite the same after spending time on the bench for getting hurt - he was traded to the Indianapolis Colts in 2021 - then found himself wearing a Washinton Commanders uniform last year, right up until when they released him in February of this year. Many people, including myself, hope he will sign with another team as a backup this year - then again there are others who say he is "Washed up" - a "Has Been"...

Sadly the HATE comes out from couch quarterbacks who think they KNOW Carson Wentz

These haters say that he is done, that he was "Weak" for his injuries, and that he is not a leader and has a lousy "work ethic on the field". THESE same people, and NOW even more are pouring on the HATE for what they saw on social media just the other day. Carson Wentz is from here, Bismarck, and of course, we are in North Dakota - an extremely popular hunting state. Wentz has been a part of this lifestyle his whole life. Just recently he checked an item off his bucket list - he killed a black bear.

 Here are just a few of the comments that are coming in expressing their HATE against Carson Wentz...

According to people are jumping on board to venom their violent displeasures:

  • You bible thumping idiot. You’re gonna suck off “god” but you kill beautiful beings? I’d love to be in a room with you and a shot gun 
  • Next time try it without a gun, bud (editor’s note – he used a bow, not a gun)
  • Such an incredible animal you felt you needed to shoot it and pose with it’s corpse. I’m not even particularly vocal about animal rights and even I think this is fucking pathetic.
  • “christ follower” yet ur killing his création for sport
  • What a waste of life. And the fun was stalking the animal. Disgusting.
  • Poor bear… big game hunting is for pussys, killing one of gods creatures for sport is unacceptable.
  • I bet he tore both ACLs trying to shoot that bear

My feeling on this is, as painful as it is for me( I don't hunt )- he didn't do anything illegal - he grew up HUNTING. That's what a ton of people do all around the world. I don't condemn those who have the right and freedom to do what they want - AS LONG AS IT"S LEGAL- The HATERS with all their past history with Carson Wentz NOW have even more reason to be ignorant - give the guy a break.


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