On Feb. 11, YoungBoy Never Broke Again was arrested in a Georgia hotel for possession of weed (less than an ounce), use of fighting words and physical obstruction with another. Now, body cam footage of the arrest has surfaced on the internet, and in it, YoungBoy finds himself on the wrong side of a taser.

In the footage, which TMZ uploaded to their site on Friday (June 28), YoungBoy Never Broke Again and a woman named Starr Thigpen, whom TMZ calls one of YoungBoy's baby's mothers, are involved in an argument with two cops who've come to make their arrest. There's only two minutes of footage, so it's hard to make out everything that's going on. That said, both YoungBoy and Thigpen tell their arresting officers to let them see Thigpen's child, whom YoungBoy also calls his own.

As the tensions rise and shouting continues, one officer pins YoungBoy to the wall as the other, who is focused on keeping Thigpen in handcuffs, aims a taser at the rapper. In the video, one officer tells YoungBoy that he is just being detained, but by the end of that night, he had been arrested.

At the time YoungBoy's arrest was reported on Feb. 11, the celebrity news site claimed that the arrest stemmed from a fight that took place in the hotel. It was alleged that hotel maids had gone to a room that YoungBoy and Thigpen had been staying in. The police report for the case reportedly said that YoungBoy had Thigpen attack one of the maids and force them out of the room. Shortly afterward, the police made their way to the hotel and arrested the two. YoungBoy and Thigpen were released within one day of their arrest.

Since this arrest, YoungBoy has been in more trouble with the law. YoungBoy is currently in a Baton Rouge, La. jail as a judge determines whether or not it was him that was on social media making threats toward another person, which is an activity that violates his probation tied to a 2016 drive-by shooting case.

See video of YoungBoy's altercation with police for yourself below. 

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