This Facebook picture and post bring back a flood of memories

No doubt if you are a Bison fan you will think the same way I do - you along with a ton of your family and friends probably rode tall and proud on this bus - filled with excitement and anticipation of driving back home to Fargo with yet another FCS Championship under the Bison's belts. This is a tradition that has fueled the fire for years for North Dakota State Football fans, that's right, for the last 7-8 years straight it has transported the faithful yellow and green colors of jerseys, flags, and what's engrained on the bus itself. For me, it brings back memories of my old roommate when I lived in Fargo. A Die-hard Bison fan, he and his dad religiously planned and looked forward to climbing on board the bus en route to another win. Those are times he will never forget, thanks to Scott Satermo.

"All good things usually come to an end".....or do they?

Yes, we've all heard that expression, but I'm a firm believer that life does go on, and sometimes traditions can start anew. For instance, back on October 3rd, Scott Satermo posted this on Facebook:

"1991 MCI MCI 102A3
After years of good times and fun trips to the Frisco FCS Championship we have decided we are opting for a trailer tailgate set up now. We are selling our beloved Magic Bus as is!"
Scott Satermo Facebook
Scott Satermo Facebook

  He listed the bus at $20,250. So.....what if someone else bought it, and put some life back into it? Could that be you? Here's your opportunity to make a whole lot of new friends, Bison friends!

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