Hey look, I know what you are thinking after reading the title, is Carson Wentz running for President of The United States?

Of course not, let's talk football. We just saw two huge stories in the National Football League develop yesterday, Minnesota Vikings dreaded enemy Aaron Rodgers handed on a gold plate, an opportunity to make 200 million dollars for four years and a sweet 193 million bucks guaranteed  ( gee I wonder how long it took for him to "Think it over" ). Then we find out that Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson was delivered to the Denver Broncos for an exchange of like 30 Bronco players ( well maybe not many ) espn.com reported this strange deal.

Hey Bismarck Century native, have you ever been to Washington?

So today, being the 9th of March, another move appears to be happening, not as shocking as yesterday's news, but sources are saying that Carson Wentz needs to pack his bags. All of us here in Bismarck of course follow Carson, from his glory days here at Century to carrying on the rich tradition that North Dakota State has had of quarterbacks leading the Bison to championships. Remember now, Mr. Wentz has a Super Bowl ring, in just his second year in the NFL, He was a member of the 2017 Philadelphia Eagles. According to espn.com "The Colts are trading quarterback Carson Wentz to the Washington Commanders for a package of draft picks...The Colts will receive the Commanders' third-round picks in 2022 and 2023, sources told Schefter"

A fresh-fresher start for Carson?

Well only time will tell on that, but now if this rings true, he'll have to adapt to another team and their ways of running the offense. Carson has the tools to bring it.


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