Let's check in with all the Bison faithful fans out there, do you like your booze?

I'm going to go ahead and say "Yes...I think they do" Now that the college football season has officially kicked off, so has the alcohol. I mean the booze that is now available to buy at North Dakota State Bison football games in the Fargodome. The discussion was up in the air for years about allowing alcohol to be sold at all Bison games, finally back in July of this year, great news for all football and booze enthusiasts. Jamestownsun.com reported "The governing board of the Fargodome voted unanimously, although with a few reservations, on Tuesday, July 26, to allow beer sales at North Dakota State football games until the beginning of the fourth quarter on a one-year trial basis" Well as you can imagine that bit of news excited so many fans as they prepared for last Saturday's 2022 season home opener against Drake. The Fargodome was ready to handle football as usual, but how would things go with the introduction of alcohol? Dome General Manager Rob Sobolik had this to say in July "I guess we don't know what will happen until we try it,"

A quick glance at the stats rolling in pretty much states the obvious

According to kvrr.com "Fargodome officials say alcohol sales were 25 percent of revenue from Saturday’s North Dakota State football game against Drake on Saturday. Sobolik says, based on preliminary numbers, booze sales equaled $32,500 in sales. He says he’s pleased with the numbers" No kidding. I'm going to go out on a limb here and predict that they will continue to see alcohol for the rest of the season.


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