The killer of a 15-month baby in Fargo was sentenced just last Monday and it's still on my mind

This is such a tragic story, a family friend becomes involved in a parent's worst nightmare. Giving your trust to a friend to watch and care for your little baby, Meka is sometimes hard to do. It's tough for the parents to take some time for themselves and not worry every minute if their child is ok.

The babysitter, 38-year-old Brandi Adeleke lost control of her temper and the end results were horrific

According to "... Adeleke was having a sleepover with Meka Carrillo at her south Fargo apartment last November when Adeleke’s defense attorney says ‘it was just too much for her and rather than to reach out and seek help, she made a tragic mistake. The results are catastrophic."  Meka ended up in the hospital with injuries indicating "blunt force trauma" all over her body. Police arrested Adeleke. This past Monday she pleaded guilty to murder and child abuse, she then found out her fate.

The judge delivered her punishment - 30 years in jail

An emotional day for everyone involved. Adeleke expressed her sorrow and her apology. Here is the amazing thing, if you were the parent of a young baby whose life was ended at the hands of someone else, could you ever forgive the killer? Would you want that person to never have a life of their own again? I can't imagine what it would be like to spend the rest of my life in prison, I also realize there is no way we can relate to how Meka's parents are going through. To see the killer in court, how can you see yourself EVER giving your forgiveness?

Manny Carrillo was adamant that Brandi Adeleke would not spend the rest of her life incarcerated added that the victim's father Manny Carrillo "...was adamant he did not want his daughter’s killer to spend the rest of her life in prison" This is why this case is still on my mind. A grueling unimaginable murder of an innocent baby tested the nature of a person's character. For the father to show such leniency is incredible. Would you have that same compassion, or would you want Adeleke to die behind bars?

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