Although Craig Cobb's attempted takeover of Leith, ND is reportedly over, his story is still a hot topic in the area. While the state of North Dakota is no stranger to his attempt to turn Leith into a 'white enclave', a new short film may turn heads and shine the national spotlight on the sleepy little town of 16 residents.

Michael Nichols and Christopher Walker, two documentary filmmakers based out of Brooklyn, NY, have spent the better part of 6 months following Cobb's story. Last November, they traveled to Leith to gain a firsthand experience of the situation and shoot for the upcoming film.

They spoke with KFYR when they were in town and explained the reasoning for the project, "[We want] to just tell the story of a small town, give both sides equal opportunities and we'll see how this all unfolds," said Nichols.

According to the NO WEATHER PRODUCTIONS website:

Leith, N.D. is a short film offering a glimpse into a town struggling for sovereignty against one man’s extremist vision. Filmed in the days leading up Cobb’s arrest for terrorizing the townspeople on an armed patrol, Leith, N.D. is an eerie document of American DIY ideals played out in one of the most under populated states in the nation.

We'll be talking with Michael and Christopher in the coming days, so make sure to check back for updates on their project.

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