On Saturday, October 10, Hot 97-5, US 103-3, Bismarck Public Schools, Bismarck Public Schools Foundation and SCHEELS teamed up to collect winter gear for BPS kids in need. Winter is just around the corner, and we all know the frigid, subzero temperatures are heading in for the new season. So, the race is on to equip every BPS child in need with proper winter clothes.

First of all, we cannot forget to thank all of the people in the community who donated snow boots, snow pants, gloves, and money. Thanks to the donors, Kids' Kicks was a wonderful event. But there is still more work to do if we want to keep BPS kids in need safe and warm this winter.

Here is what is still needed in order to meet the goals and help these kids:

  • 140 pairs of boots
  • 160 pairs of snow pants
  • 150 pairs of water-repellent gloves

How can you help Bismarck Public Schools/ Bismarck Public Schools Foundation meet their donation goals? There are several ways you can donate to help a child in need. You can:

  • Donate Items In Person - Donate new snow boots (YOUTH 2 - ADULT 7.5), snow pants, or water-repellent gloves for kids in need.
    • Bismarck Public Schools
      806 North Washington Street, Bismarck
      Hughes Administration Building
  • Donate by Mail
    • BPS Foundation, Attn: Kids’ Kicks,
      806 North Washington Street, Bismarck
  • Donate Online - //bpsfoundation.com/kidskicks

Remember, Bismarck Public Schools/ Bismarck Public Schools Foundation are working to keep kids warm BEFORE the treacherous North Dakota winter sets in. Kids should not have to worry about freezing in our city or state. So, let's come together as a community and make sure every child is warm this winter.

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