This morning after reading a hard-to-believe news story of a sleepwalking man found on North Dakota lake ice 100 yards offshore.  (Not to worry, it seems he's physically OK...but some sorta doctor should observe him for a while).  As I was saying, I was discussing the story with some valued co-workers, when one of them asked "Do you know anybody that sleepwalks?"

It just so happens that I do know a sleepwalker, and it's me.

They all seemed genuinely shocked and maybe a little frightened to know there was a sleepwalker in their midst.  I always figured that most families probably had at least one somnambulist.  They probably do but are just too ashamed to admit it.   My dad loved my sleepwalking, but for dick-ish entertainment purposes. I'd slowly wake up and realize I was out in the hallway standing there with my dad. I'd ask him how long I'd been out in the hall and he would say that we had been talking for quite some time. He'd then chuckle and wander off. A dick move from a great dad.

This Valley City fella claims to have sleepwalked his way onto a semi-frozen lake.

A sign warns of danger as ice thaws on a pond in southern Wisconsin.

This is a funny premise of a story until you figure there's probably something seriously wrong with the guy.  I've attempted escaping hotels while sleepwalking but never drove to a frozen lake and wandered out 100 yards in a t-shirt, pants, and no shoes. But that's what this man was trying to sell to Barnes County Deputies as they were rescuing him from the ice. Valley News Live reports

Deputies in Barnes County rescued a man on the ice Tuesday morning who told them he’d been sleepwalking.

They say someone reported the man yelling for help around 8:20 Tuesday morning at the Ashtabula Crossing on Lake Ashtabula. When they arrived, they say the man was 100 yards from shore, sitting on the ice wearing a t-shirt and blue jeans, with no shoes. He was transported by ambulance to Mercy Hospital in Valley City for non-life threatening injuries.

A woman who lives with him told Sheriff Randy McClaflin he left the home at 6 AM. Sheriff McClaflin would like to remind everyone to use caution and to stay alert to ice conditions.

So I believe the sleepwalking portion sounds highly unlikely but Sheriff McClaflin's words ring very true...let's jump across the border and check out the story of a Minnesota dad/son team that got trapped on an ice flow the very same day!

62-year-old dad David and his 44-year-old son Wilfred were adrift on ice at Red Lake.

Thin ice freezing around some trees.

It happens, especially in unseasonably warm weather.  The duo had been out on the ice when it cracked and began drifting away into Red Lake. Thanks to Bemidji and Red Lake officials and officers, the adrift duo were safely brought back to shore. Here's my favorite line from the KVRR news story...

"The fishermen had launched from McKenzie’s Landing."

Y'know like "launching" a boat? Break a bottle of champagne on the side and dub her "The Slippery Miss"!  It's like having the most dangerous pontoon in the world!  Hop on- we're about to take the icy slab around the lake.  No thanks.  Glad everyone is safe.


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