First of all, let's be honest

Who would have dreamed the Minnesota Vikings would be 8-2 on the season? There are those that say their schedule has been weak, but hey they Buffalo IN Buffalo a week ago. So yesterday the big bad Dallas Cowboys were in town, Minnesota was on a definite roll, riding a 7 game-winning streak. I want to be as positive as I can because suddenly others have written them off - I say any team in football on a given Sunday can beat even the best, and let's just say yesterday the Purple People Eaters had a rough day.

Embarrassment all around for the Vikings, ON and OFF the field

The final score after the game was over - Dallas Cowboys 40 Minnesota Vikings 3. Obviously, nothing went right for the good guys playing in front of their home crowd, the humiliation continued when CBS decided to break away from the nationally televised game before the third quarter was even over to "...cover a more competitive mathup"   according to Sadly there are more embarrassing moments to pass on from U.S. Bank Stadium.


past tensedupedpast participleduped
      1. deceive; trick.
        There was some trickery pulled yesterday - reported that "The Minnesota Vikings got trolled pretty hard on Sunday. During their game against the Cowboys, the Vikings asked fans to send them stories of family members who currently serve in the military"


Well, one person tried the "old Hidden Ball Trick"  and sadly it worked, as the Minnesota Vikings personnel fell for it..."One person decided to send in a picture of adult film star Johnny Sins to try and trick the Vikings"

Pretty much a day to forget, no word yet if Johnny is a Vikings fan or not.


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