As you would imagine, friends and family of military personnel in the Upper Midwest are closely watching the developing situation with Iran.

Tension between the two countries have increased to crisis proportions following last week's killing of a top Iranian general. Both the White House and leadership in Tehran have been holding fast and talking tough.

But as the Twin Cities Star-Tribune reports the predominant mood among area families of National Guardsmen has been concern, even fear.

One mom from St. Cloud says she’s “taking it day by day.” Her son was deployed to Iraq just a few weeks ago.

Another soldier's mother says she burst out in tears when she heard last week's report of the drone-killing of the Revolutionary Guard's powerful commander.

If you're the friend or relative of an active member of the military, we welcome your comments on how you are dealing with this issue. While this is a divisive issue in many ways, we do ask that you keep your passion - and your rhetoric - under control. We reserve the right to edit or remove hateful or inappropriate remarks.

[Source: Minneapolis Star-Tribune]

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