The Black Lives Matter movement is causing people all around the world to come together to protest the injustices toward the Black community. The movement is even happening in North Dakota. Our state has already had some organized peaceful protests, but there was one protest that got out of control last weekend. Our neighbors directly to the state east of us want to be prepared in case of more chaos this coming this weekend.

If you are heading to Fargo this weekend, you should know that there is another Black Lives Matter protest scheduled for Friday (6/5). We have mostly seen peaceful protests in North Dakota. But last weekend, the protest in Fargo went from peaceful to violent, as a riot broke out. Could the city of Fargo be in for another riot this weekend? The governor of Minnesota has reason to believe it could happen, and he's preparing for the worst case scenario.

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz is taking precautions as he believes there could be another riot. According to Valley News Live (Fargo), on Wednesday, the governor signed an executive order to protect Moorhead, Clay County, and surrounding areas in case of riots this weekend. The report also states that Governor Walz says that "local law enforcement is aware of of credible threats of violent activities during demonstrations planned in North Dakota that could impact Minnesota border communities."

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