Pretty amazing how fast time goes by, remember when everything seemed to shut down?

Seems like just yesterday when almost everywhere we went, everyone, it seems wore a mask. COVID-19 came in like a fast-moving train bringing a quick halt to local businesses ( some of them shutting down for good ), and we had our masks at the ready anytime we were out and about. Life slowly starting to get complicated, and frustrating. Almost all of what we had taken for granted was evaporating, and many people were against anything to do with proposed city-wide mask requirements. Their freedom and rights were being restricted. Schools made it mandatory for everyone to wear them.

Then came along the vaccination shots

When it all seemed hopeless before we knew it the vaccine shots were available. Suddenly there were fewer mask sightings around Bismarck and Mandan. Whether you had your shot or not it has always been a controversial issue. People point fingers at each other for refusing to get it. It's a personal choice and I completely understand that. So just when it appeared that we were home free, and life would be 100% back to normal, Omicron arrived and is now spreading. This variant and COVID-19 came up in Fargo with a motion to attempt to put a grip on it.

Will Fargo reinstate the mask mandate?

According to "A motion to reinstate a mask mandate in Fargo was immediately voted down Monday night with board members and a public health official saying unless the entire city and schools are on board it won’t make much of a difference" added that Desi Fleming, the director of Fargo Cass Public Health had this to say “Do mandates work, yes, but they only work if that is a consistent strategy throughout the community..."

Just make sure you have an extra mask hanging around anyway.


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