Seventeen-year-old Matthew Sorem received a nasty surprise while on an otherwise mundane grocery shopping excursion in south Fargo on Friday (Nov. 6).

Sorem pulled into the parking lot of the 55th Avenue South Walmart on the way home from school that afternoon. Before exiting his car, he paused to take a quick count of the cash his dad had given him to do the shopping.

Apparently, the wrong eyes spotted him, because Sorem says a man jumped into the passenger seat and demanded he hand over the money.

Sorem attempted to defend himself, but the man hit him and cut him with a knife, leaving him bruised and in need of stitches, before Sorem relented and gave the man the cash.

The man drove off in another car, and Sorem followed in his own, and even managed to corner the other, but the man got away, hitting two cars in the process.

...the suspect was a white man in his early 20's with mid-length dark brown hair with a part down the middle. He was wearing name brand clothing and drives a dark green sedan. Anyone with information about the suspect is urged to call Fargo police.

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