A woman in Montana, mauled by a grizzly bear, is now recovering from her ordeal after managing to walk two miles for help.

The Washington Post (via the Fargo Forum) reports Amber Kornak made the walk after being attacked, despite suffering a fractured skull.

Ms. Kornak has been serving as a field assistant for U.S. Fish and Wildlife and was in the process of collecting grizzly hair for DNA study. The grizzlies are considered an endangered species.

The attack happened on May 17. As Ms. Kornak was collecting samples near one of the mountain range's streams south of Libby, Montana, she was mauled by a bear, which left her with a fractured skull and severe lacerations to her head, neck and back.

She is now recovering following what a friend wrote was a four-hour surgery to "remove bone fragments and clean wounds to her brain."

The friend has started a GoFundMe page to raise funds for Ms. Kornak's recovery. So far the site has raised about thirty-two thousand dollars.

[Source: Washington Post]


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