The technological world could soon be brought to its knees by a series of pseudo-apocalyptic space storms that are predicted to sever the heads of the world’s communication centers, satellites, and public transportation systems.

This God-sized phenomenon is due to the fact that the Earth has just entered the hellish realm of an 11-year solar climax that threatens the stability of our ionosphere, which could ultimately mean a worldwide black out followed by mass hysteria and eventually death.

OK, well, it doesn’t appear that anyone will actually die from the effects of this anomalous occurrence, but there is a distinct possibility that a few could lose cell phone service and the ability to log in to any of their social networks – for some, that could spell the end of times.

Seriously though, devastating solar storms are not sci-fi propaganda – in actuality, scientists say that our current satellite navigation technology is at risk of having its throat cut by the immense power of what they are referring to as a “solar max” – creating factors that have the capacity to shake the foundation of the ionosphere and scramble all signals coming from space. Dear Mark Zukerberg: Is it possible to update our Facebook status using Morse code?

Reports  from the European Space Agency suggest that a worldwide chain of monitoring stations are currently in place as a means for keeping a watchful eye on any crippling effects that the mighty solar max may have on the Earth’s atmosphere, as well as any possible breach in satellite communications.

In 1859, a solar storm ravished the Earth with such vigor that the Northern Lights were visible in Rome. NASA initially predicted a solar maximum in 2010 or 2011, but it is now expected to be at its strongest in the fall of 2013 – the fiercest since 1958.

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