One of the great things about is that you can buy pretty much anything.

We decided to comb through the site to see some of the strange North Dakota related items you can purchase. We've posted five of them below.

You can click on the name of the item and it will bring you to its page on where you can purchase it if you'd like.

  • North Dakota Bamboo Cutting Board

    You know how pretty much all cutting boards are perfect rectangles? Have you even been chopping vegetables and thinking to yourself, "hmmm… I kind of wish this cutting board was almost a rectangle instead."

    Presenting the North Dakota shaped cutting board! It's almost a rectangle, but instead it looks like a bear decided to take a bite out of one end of the cutting board.

    This leaves you with less room for cutting but hey… it's the shape of North Dakota so who cares?!

    Totally Bamboo |
  • North Dakota Cookie Cutter

    It's a common parenting problem. You spend all weekend baking cookies for your kids. You call them into the kitchen excited to see the joy on their face when they see and smell your fresh baked cookies.

    And then… the temper tantrum. "What the heck?!," your child yells. "Why are these cookies ROUND? I wanted NORTH DAKOTA SHAPED cookies!"

    Kids are such spoiled brats sometimes.

    CybrTrayd |
  • I Love My North Dakotan Grandparents Laptop Sleeve Case

    You arrive at work with your regular boring blank black laptop sleeve. As you walk to your desk, workplace bully Roger shouts, "Hey everyone! Look at THOMAS over there! Clearly HE doesn't LOVE his grandparents!"

    "Shutup Roger! I do too!"

    "Oh yea?! Where's your I love my North Dakotan Grandparents Laptop Sleeve?!"

    Sometimes it would be nice if you could just work from home wouldn't it?

    Style in Print |
  • North Dakota State Ladies White Lab Coat

    To all the ladies out there that consistently do lab experiments in the basement of their homes that happen to also be huge fans of the North Dakota State Bison, how are you not doing your work in this snazzy NDSU lab coat?

    This purchase is a no brainer!

    CollegeFanGear |
  • North Dakota State Flag White Cowbell

    For those who are very particular about the design of their cowbells, you can now get one with the design of the North Dakota state flag. If your cowbell doesn't represent North Dakota, then are you really a North Dakotan?

    Graphics & More |