A nine year-old girl was tossed into the air by a charging bison at Yellowstone National Park.

The Fargo Forum reports a crowd of people near the bison apparently spooked the animal, causing it to charge.

In a matter of seconds the bison reach a girl trying in vain to outrun it, flipping her into the air, tumbling.

The girl was treated and released at a local clinic.

In a press release put out following the incident, Yellowstone officials warned of the perils of getting too friendly with the animals: "Wildlife in Yellowstone National Park are wild," the release said. "When an animal is near a trail, boardwalk, parking lot, or in a developed area, give it space."

They warned  that people should stay at least 25 yards away from bison and other large animals, and even further, at least a hundred yards,  from predatory animals such as wolves or bears.

Bystanders disputed whether the people nearby had been petting the animal.

A bystander caught the scene on video.

[Sources: Fargo Forum, KTVQ]

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