Brock Boeser is only 20 years old and spent two years at The University of North Dakota. He is proving to be one of the NHL's rising stars.

Boeser is in his rookie season with the Vancouver Canucks. His 24 goals through the first part of the season netted him a spot on the Pacific Division All-Star team.

Over the weekend, at the NHL All-Star weekend, like in previous, years featured a skills competition plus an actual All-Star game tournament.

Boeser won the accuracy shooting competition where players need to hit randomly lit targets in the net in the quickest time possible. He managed to hit all five targets in just over 11 seconds. It took him just eight shot attempts.

As for the All-Star game itself, the way it is formatted is each period counts as a game. Hockey has four divisions; two in the West and two in the East. In the first period, the two West conferences squared off against each other and in the second period the two Eastern conferences squared off.

The two winning conferences then faced off in the third period.

Boeser scored the game winning goal for the Pacific division in the first period and then picked up another goal in the final game in which the Pacific division won 5-2.

Boeser for his efforts was named the NHL All-Star Weekend MVP. It is an incredibly remarkable achievement for a 20 year old rookie who was sharing the ice this past weekend with players like Alexander Ovechkin, Sidney Crosby, John Taveras and more ended up winning the MVP award for the weekend.

You can see highlights from his performance in the video above.

And the icing on the cake is the fact that he is an alumnus of the University of North Dakota. Boeser is originally from Burnsville, MN.

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