Is there a serial predator harassing female students at the University of North Dakota?

Since 2019, a horrifying event has been recurring at the homes of female University of North Dakota students. Inforum reports that, for the past two years, a possible serial predator has been breaking into sorority houses as well as houses of females living in off-campus housing. It is uncertain whether or not the predator is the same person, but all victims reportedly gave similar descriptions of a person. According to Inforum, these unsolved cases have all been closed but can be reopened at any point.

Why is the story of this possible serial predator not bigger news?

As a former University of North Dakota student and a female who lived blocks from campus, this is horrifying. I can only imagine how terrified female students must feel in their on-campus and near-campus homes. How can something like this go on for two years without any uproar? Occurrences like the ones in this true-life horror story should not be happening. And if they are, there should be a hunt for the person responsible. Because if this continues, the reign of terror will likely only escalate.

What can a person do to make their home feel safer?

A person should feel safe in their own home. But it can seem impossible to feel safe, knowing there is a predator on the loose. Is there anything someone can do to try to protect their home? ADT has some pointers on ways to stay safe at home, like securing the interior and relying on the eyes of neighbors. My personal recommendation is to sleep with a dog and a weapon of choice by your bed.

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