On June 17th on the Capitol grounds in Bismarck, a local group is trying to set a record for the world's largest live Where's Waldo Scene.

Anyone who has ever looked inside a Where's Waldo book knows that each page is filled with a scene that contains hundreds of people with Waldo himself hiding amongst everyone.

Usually each page has a theme like the beach or a park.

According to a Facebook Event, a local media group is looking for volunteers to dress up in all kinds of costumes, show up to the capitol grounds, and create the Where's Waldo scene. The event does not list a specific theme.

The organizers of the event say they have already contacted Guinness World Records. Registration on June 17th will begin at 10am with the picture being taken at 2pm.

The Guinness Book of World Records does not appear to list a world record for the largest Where's Waldo scene. But they do have a record for the largest gathering of people dressed as Waldo. It was set in June 2011 in Dublin, Ireland with 3,872 people dressed as Waldo.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Where's Waldo.

If successful, this would not be the first world record set in the area. Back in 2007, 8,962 individuals showed up at the Capitol grounds to set the record for the most people making snow angels simultaneously.

In 2010, a world record was set in Mandan for the world’s longest chicken dance. The dance covered 24 city blocks and was 1.627 miles long.

In 2011, the world’s largest ‘twist dance’ took place in Mandan. There were 2,158 dancers.

In 2012, Mandan was also home to the world’s longest YMCA dance. Like the chicken dance, the dancing covered 24 city blocks and was 1.627 miles long.

In 2015, when Mike Palmer participated in a boxing match at the Bismarck Event Center, at the time he set the record for the world’s oldest boxer. He was 57 years and 327 days. Palmer’s record has since been broken.

Last year at Applefest, event organizers attempted to set a world record for the most people bobbing for apples at one time.

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