Mega-kudos to SuperTalk 1270 host Joel Heitkamp for his comments Thursday morning regarding a certain "talk host" in the Bismarck market, and the latter's comments regarding the recent Will Gardner flap.

To refresh your memory, Mr. Gardner dropped out of the race for Secretary of State after it was revealed that he had been charged in 2006 with voyeurism when he was seen looking into the windows at the women's dorm at NDSU.

A certain host in this market, known for his ultra-partisan positions, defended Mr. Gardner on the air while comparing him with state Representative Josh Boschee, who he excoriated for his gay lifestyle.

So Josh Boschee, a consenting adult who happens to be gay, is the bad guy here. And Peeping Tom Will Gardner isn't.

I for one ain't buying it.

And again kudos to Joel Heitkamp for his passionate comments on the subject during Thursday's show.

And shame on the hypocritical poser so willing to engage in character assassination at the drop of a hat. He should remember that what goes around comes around.


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