The designated Republican candidate for Secretary of State in North Dakota has stepped down following the release of a story about a "Peeping Tom" incident in which he was involved.

The Bismarck tribune reports Will Gardner announced Sunday that we would withdraw from the race for Secretary of State. He made the announcement through his personal Facebook page.

Late last week the Fargo Forum reported that in 2006 Mr. Gardner had been charged with "disorderly conduct." At the time officials say he had been seen looking into the windows of an NDSU womens' dorm.

Mr. Gardner reportedly pleaded guilty to the charges.

Now that Will Gardner has dropped from the campaign, the question remains: who will run in his place?

The outgoing incumbent, Al Jaegar says he will confer with week with the Attorney General and the election division to learn more about the party's options.

The Democratic-NPL candidate is Fargo's John Boschee.

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