How happy are you living in North Dakota?  Think about your life for a moment.  There are 49 other states where you can hang your hat, why did you choose North Dakota?

Maybe it's where you were born and raised and you couldn't imagine living elsewhere.  Maybe you were born and raised in North Dakota like myself, moved away for a while, and realized how much you missed the state.  Maybe you are a transplant and moved here for school or a job and decided to stay.

No matter what your reason, it appears that people who live in North Dakota are happier than most.

According to an article from our friends at WalletHub:

North Dakota is the 13th Happiest State.

This data is based on 30 key metrics, ranging from the depression rate, income growth, unemployment rate, work environment, and community environment.

North Dakota scored really well in the following categories:

4th in the country in percentage of Civilian Labor Force Unemployed 15 weeks or longer (Most of us are working).

2nd in Separation and Divorce Rate.

6th in Share of Adults Feeling Active and Productive.

Here's how happy our neighboring states are.

South Dakota has just a little more skip in their step as they came in at #12.  Minnesota is loving life at #3 and Montana surprisingly is on the wrong side of happiness at #29 (maybe Yellowstone life isn't all it's cracked up to be?).

The happiest state overall in the country is Hawaii (go figure).  What on earth could you be sad about living in paradise?  The least happy state in America is West Virginia. 


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