How happy are we in North Dakota?

As I'm sitting here writing this the Ground Hog just saw his shadow and that means 6 more weeks of winter (I think we'll take that living here) and we're about to go into a wind chill warning.  The only time I really see people unhappy in North Dakota is when it comes to weather.  Yep, people literally love to B*tch about the weather in this state.  I really believe it's a form of therapy for some.  I way to get the frustration off your chest.

Despite our lousy weather for 4 to 6 months of winter in North Dakota, we are pretty happy overall.  According to Amerisleep North Dakota is "The Happiest State" in the country for 2022.  How about that?  You would think places like Hawaii where the weather is like paradise 12 months out of the year would've grabbed the title.  Nope, the Peace Garden State has proven that theory wrong.

According to this new survey, it showed North Dakota scored very high in the following categories.  Health, education, the environment, work-life balance, and income.  North Dakota was in the middle of the pack in these categories.  Safety (crime, drinking, and driving), and housing.

Here's the Top 10 Happiest States in America for 2022.

1.  North Dakota

2.  Vermont

3.  Nebraska

4. South Dakota

5.  California

6.  Rhode Island

7.  Iowa

8.  Montana

9.  Oregon

10.  Utah

So, as you can see the upper Midwest is well represented.

Minnesota by the way came in at #13 and in some kind of a surprise Hawaii came in at #37.  Kentucky is the least happy in America.



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