North Dakota pride runs deep, but what do you do when you're not originally from North Dakota? You still want to feel like you belong and fit in, right? After much thought and some light research, I've compiled a list of things you should know if you want to sound like a true North Dakotan.


1. Highways 1806 & 1804

If you really want to sound like you know a thing or two, keep this one in your back pocket. These highways were named to reflect the years of the travels of Lewis and Clark. Highway 1804 marks the start of duo's trek, and similarly, 1806 is for their return.

2. Remember These Pronunciations

If it sounds like "Egg" they are saying "Ag" as in "Agriculture." You will hear this a lot; it's a big thing here.

Get used to saying "I suppose," "Ya know," and "Oh, sure."

If you really want to embrace the North Dakota way, start pronouncing "Bag" with a "Y" (Bay-g). Same goes for "Tag."


3. Shelterbelt

Have you ever seen a random row of trees out in the middle of a North Dakota field? -- Yeah, that wasn't on accident. A lot of times these are purposely planted by farmers to cut the wind. North Dakota is a windy state, and these shelterbelts help protect crops.

Next time you pass one of these, point it out and call it by its name. North Dakotans will surely be impressed that you know this.

4. Wear Green

Whether you're a football fan or not, if you want to fit in, you should wear the color green. People will automatically assume you are representing NDSU.


5. End The Day At 5pm

This is the thing I love about North Dakota; when 5 o'clock rolls around, we shut. it. down. Quality of life is the most important thing to North Dakotans. Most of us don't believe in working around the clock and slaving away at our nine to five's. We place a lot of value on family and having our free time.

6. Hotdish

You should know, that in North Dakota, casseroles are called hotdishes. They are exactly the same, they just go by a different name here. Learn it and live it.


7. State Nickname

Yes, NoDak is known as the Peace Garden State, but that's not the only nickname the state has gotten over the years. You may hear North Dakotans call it the "Flickertail" state. This nickname has been adopted, simply, because there are a lot of ground squirrels or prairie dogs in the state.



8. Pretzels

If anyone ever asks you, you better tell them the best pretzels are "Dots." They originated in Velva, ND, (by Minot) and North Dakotans are very proud of this.

I hope this list will help you on your quest to become a true North Dakotan. Good luck!




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