I say "Perfect Timing" for this charming new place

The temperatures are definitely dropping, seemed like just yesterday when just about a month ago Bismarck and Mandan basked in a full day of sun and 77 degrees. Now ( Friday ) we are still cleaning up the 19-plus inches of snow that swept in beginning in the wee hours of Thursday, a couple of weeks ago.  What better way to seek out anything that will warm us all up than checking out a brand-new restaurant that opened up inside the Kirkwood Mall? I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that Jamaica, a mountainous island in the Caribbean sea is just a rad warmer than we are. I'm not suggesting that you travel 2,388 miles, no, but you can check out Suzzy's Island Twist!

Wear your green and yellow

Check it out, Kirkwood Mall posted on their Facebook a while back::

"Suzzy's Island Twist is officially OPEN! 🏝️ You can now try this authentic Jamaican eatery like curry chicken, jerk chicken, jerk pork and more, located next to Kay Jewelers"   I can just imagine, parking my car in the parking lot, walking at a brisk pace to get out of the cold into the warmth of place with a unique menu. Now it's not necessary if you feel compelled to say "Ya Mon" when you're entering the restaurant, but I'm pretty sure you'll understand the meaning of that expression ( something being just fine ) when you leave - Yes that two-word saying is mostly used by tourists, but who knows, maybe one day you'll travel out there.

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