Well here is a news story I officially have never heard of before

I'm going to start right off and let you know that I will be "Tap-Dancing" (an expression, I won't literally be dancing) for quite a bit while I relay this information to you, by that I mean that the graphic details will be scathed down to protect innocent ears and eyes. I guess you might call this a love gone bad, and that's always painful to talk about. Do you believe in fate? I kind of do, this tale of semi-terror began in a prison.

Man and woman serving time behind bars somehow fell in...umm love???

Now, this article does NOT explain how Ashley Hunter and Orlando Dewitt met in prison, but they did ( maybe they spotted each other through a courtyard fence, who knows? ) - they obviously stayed in touch once they got out and joined the real world. Who knows how long these two have dated but things got pretty heated when another woman was involved -according to newsone.com the two love birds "...were partying with a few female acquaintances last Friday at a Fargo, North Dakota, bar. The festivities were moved to Hunter’s home and reportedly continued way into the wee hours of the morning"

Foreplay is usually a peaceful occasion

Holding hands, snuggling, sure all of that. The problem with this story is that one of the gentleman performers in the arena got into an oral argument with the other fella, all over a small matter ( positions had changed in this chessboard of romance ) and the female didn't like it. A woman scorned quickly brings trouble, which is exactly what Ashley produced when she whipped out a 12-inch butcher knife. Threats were shouted, and Dewitt took that cue to try and escape - he was stabbed in the back of his left arm. He did manage to get away, and along with her cell phone, he swiped a quick 911 call was made. The cops showed up and off went the unsatisfied lady. "Hunter remains in jail in lieu of a $5,000 bail and is scheduled for a March 13th court appearance" newsone.com reported.

No word yet if there is a possible threesome reunion planned in the future

Sad isn't it?......sniff.



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