Disturbing news out of Minnesota back in July -

Especially for parents who trust so many people with their children on a daily basis, when this kind of news comes out, it's explosive. One of the most uncomfortable things to see is when someone is caught on video slithering around with matters on their mind that 99% of us can't even comprehend and isn't that just flat-out terrifying? According to bringmethenew.com "An assistant coach for a North American Hockey League (NAHL) team in Minnesota has been fired over allegations he solicited a 16-year-old boy online for sex" - This happened back in July

A video captured what a true predator is all about

I'm guessing it didn't take long for now-former Minnesota Wilderness coach Brendan Phelps to be fired after this raw, disturbing video came out on YouTube. A group called "Midwest Predators Catchers" pose themselves as bait, trying to lure the filth out, acting as underage people online. To catch and trap adults who prey on the weak. Brendan found himself in a deep hole. A dramatic 18:17 seconds from start to finish, capturing Phelps "...showing up at a location in Sleepy Eye, Minnesota to allegedly meet up with a 16-year-old boy" - the video gives us a peek into the mind of someone who more than likely knows he needs help but continues on with his horrendous lifestyle. These kinds of actions continue to be so shocking for the main reason that most predators always appear to be so normal on the outside ( they have a job,  they have family, etc ). That video caused as you can only imagine so much shock, here is yet another.

Here is a 6 minute video of another person caught in the act, so to speak

Here is the video: ****Please Note It Is Extremely Explicit  And Contains Sexual Content/Foul Language

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