What a difference a week makes

Last weekend the AFC/NFC Wild Card Playoff games were, well to put it lightly, boring. With the exception of Dak Prescot and the Dallas Cowboys fans, there was pretty much no drama, no " Holding on to the edge of your seat" games. This past weekend there were four games played, and every one of them could have gone either way. There was one game, however, that the Minnesota Vikings fans watched intently.

The Vikings players saw their season end weeks ago, but that didn't stop Minnesota fans from watching one particular playoff game Saturday

The Minnesota Vikings won their last game of the season in early January, topping the Chicago Bears 31-17. They finished 2nd in the NFC North at 8-9 but failed to make the playoffs. Their rival the Green Bay Packers was sitting pretty at 13-4, and they had a bye last week. So after San Francisco upset Dallas last weekend, the stage was set for the Packers to host the Niners on Saturday. Aaron Rodgers STILL remembers the day San Fran bypassed him...


Will Aaron finally get his revenge?

Previously to Saturday, Aaron Rodgers was 0 for 3 against the 49ers in post-season play. Make it 0 for 4 now, after a stunning 13-10 LOSS,  and now suddenly Vikings fans could be seeing the end of Rodgers's reign in Green Bay. According to bringmethenews.com "Saturday's loss could be the end of an era for Vikings fans. Rodgers dubbed this season as "The Last Dance" after a dispute with Packers management last offseason and the Packers are heading into the offseason $40 million over the salary cap" Love him or hate him, he was shredded to pieces on social media after his loss. He has been quite the controversial figure since he made it clear about his comments about COVID-19 and his right NOT to get vaccinated, which was cleverly pointed out in one of many insults that poured in after his loss - "Everyone stop making fun of Aaron Rodgers, he hates being needled" Grant Brisbee Twitter.

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