Some Bismarck residents took to social media this week to express displeasure over the Bismarck Larks' late-evening fireworks display Tuesday.

The fireworks went off around 10:30PM after the game. The next morning, some locals (who will not be identified by name) complained:

Isn’t there a city ordinance against loud noises after 10? [A child] is sick and that woke him up. He was sobbing, he was so scared.

Hate Larks fireworks nights. I've come to dread 10:30 pm in the summer.

Another reason why I don’t want to live in Bismarck... the train and fireworks...

I love fireworks, a handful of times a year, on appropriately related celebratory events.
I would quickly tire of frequent fireworks late on summer nights.

The issue seems to be that it took place late in the evening on a work night when a lot of folks have to get to bed early enough to get up for work in the morning. In the past some have suggest restricting fireworks in the city to weekends and holidays.

Townsquare Media is reaching out to the Larks organization for their comments. In the meantime, tell us what you think...


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