Most people are rewarded at their job when they work overtime. By that, I mean they get paid extra, either time and a half or whatever it is decided on

The same applies to police officers in Minneapolis. Especially in one part of the city where people have joined together to pay extra money to officers working overtime to patrol their neighborhood. What's it worth to you for safety and protection? The price of that should be the last thing you are worried about, and that's exactly how a group of people thinks as well.

On paper, it sure seems like a logical and smart thing to do.

Although this idea is great for so many, I'm sure there are those that won't like it.  According to "A group of neighbors in south Minneapolis is taking matters into their own hands to increase policing in their neighborhood. The group is raising money to pay for extra patrols in the Lowry Hill neighborhood, performed by city officers working overtime" Statistics have shown that more violent crimes are hitting in that area, so why not do what you can to make it a safer place for you and your family?

Giving police officers a chance to make some extra money

Now the big question is just how much per household will they be paying for extra patrols in their neighborhood? The Lowry Hill Neighborhood Association will be in charge of collecting the extra cash, and reports that "...each home has been asked to pay in $220 per month" Some may argue that they ( the local neighbors ) are just trying to buy their safety. Well, so what? If they have the means to do that then more power to them.



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