Ok listen, I know what you are thinking, I'm taking a cheap shot at someone, maybe a politician, that lives in Minneapolis

You would be wrong. The title of this story couldn't be more true. How many times have you heard someone say "Would that guy just shut up? He has a BIG MOUTH!" There is a young man who lives in Minneapolis that is making quite a name for himself, as a matter of fact, he and his big mouth have actually been on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. All of this fame for a teen that has a big mouth.

A couple of years ago, someone had a bigger mouth than our hero

His name is Isaac Johnson, he is 16 years old and he is a member of the elite Guinness Book Of World Records Club. You see, Johnson literally HAS a big mouth. Just two years ago, another kid with an extra-large pie hole knocked Isaac off his title of having the world's biggest mouth. According to Fox9.com "... the now 16-year-old got into the Guinness Book Of World Records for having the world's biggest mouth, at over 3 and a half inches" Right after that honor though, the teenager from Pennsylvania outstretched him.

No worries, like a true..ummm...BIG MOUTH, Issac reclaimed his bragging rights

I guess you can say that as Isaac matured in youth, so did his choppers - Check out the video yourself of the true champion, the guy with the World's Biggest Mouth - measuring in at a mouth-watering 4-inches! His parents must be so proud.

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