A man is dead in South Dakota after leading police there on a chase, then opening fire on them.

Rory Lynn Gunderman, 31, of Sundance, Wyoming, tried fleeing from authorities after they attempted to stop him. A request for help by the New Castle Police Department in Wyoming in finding a stolen vehicle they believed to be headed for the South Dakota border, had led them to Gunderman.

But Gunderman, who they had found driving the stolen vehicle in the Black Hills, wasn't going down without a fight. He led South Dakota police on a high-speed car chase that continued on foot after Gunderman found himself at a dead end.

As police pursued, Gunderman turned and opened fire on them, provoking them to return fire; Gunderman was shot in the shootout. He was transported to a nearby hospital, but died once there.

An investigation is underway to ensure that everything was done according to procedure; the results are expected within 30 days.