Is it really a celebration of independence without shooting off fireworks? I think most would agree that being on the water, grilling, drinking, and fireworks make for the ultimate North Dakota Fourth of July party (or any other summer party). The countdown is on for the big holiday weekend.

This will be my first Fourth of July celebration spent in the Bismarck-Mandan area. I know everyone loves their fireworks here. But will we have to cancel all the fireworks, just like everything else we've cancelled this year? It could happen.

KFYR-TV is reporting that Mandan Mayor Tim Hebling and Mandan Fire Chief Steve Nardello met to discuss a possible firework ban this year. The news story says the mayor has been contacted by many people who are concerned about people shooting off fireworks while there's a drought. According to KFYR-TV, the Mayor and Fire Chief decided that, because the danger of fire is low, fireworks won't be banned right now. However, there is still the possibility of there being a ban by the Fourth of July.

At this point, disappointing news is pretty laughable. It's not surprising anymore that everything keeps being cancelled. Even if that does happen, though, there will still be some great fireworks shows in the area to check out. The Bismarck Mandan Symphony Orchestra will have their concert at the Capitol for the fireworks show, and Mandan will have their Rodeo Days fireworks display.

What are your plans for the upcoming Fourth of July weekend celebration?


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