Another week, another hero making our community a better place. This week, for First Responder Recognition, we are featuring a selfless woman who works in the medical field. Meet Maria.

This week for First Responder Recognition, we are shining the spotlight on Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Maria. The person who nominated Maria says she's truly amazing and a gift to the world. She cares about everyone she takes care of - and she shows it. The CNA develops a bond with her patients, which is so important for keeping them positive while being cared for.

Maria is not just strong for those she is helping, she is also bravely fighting She has been battling thyroid cancer and other health ordeals. She doesn't let her health defeat her, she's "up and swinging" everyday. She fights this all while maintaining a smile on her face.

Maria's story is inspiring because she's got personal medical battles, but they aren't keeping her from caring for others who are also sick. She's someone with a lot on her plate, but keeps her head up and maintains a positive attitude, all while helping people. Selfless, indeed.

***Do you know someone who's a North Dakota hero? You can nominate him/ her to be featured on First Responder Recognition. Follow the link, tell us why your hero is a hero to you, and upload a picture of your hero. If your nominee is picked, he/ she will be featured on our stations, on our websites AND be entered for the chance to win a monthly prize from Bismarck Heating & Air, 40 Steak & Seafood, and Peacock Alley. 

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