The two pit bulls involved in an attack on a Mandan woman and child last month have been euthanized.

The Bismarck Tribune reports the dogs' owner, Antoinette Fleck, agreed to have the dogs put down Friday.

The two dogs attacked a woman and her daughter who were out for a walk Sunday afternoon, July 22.

The attack has prompted discussion among Mandan City commissioners regarding the so-called "vicious dog" ordinance. The commission met last week to discuss the issue and the debate continues.

Ms. Fleck has been charged with violation of the ordinance and appeared this week in South Central District Court.

Bismarck  had a similar incident last week in which a German Shepherd attacked a father and son. The son killed the dog with a knife.

Such attacks periodically spark debate about whether certain dog breeds allegedly prone to violence require extra regulation, or should even be banned.


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