Just last weekend here in Mandan there was plenty going on for everyone - of all ages - including inflatables for sale and real guns

Her name is Susan Beehler, she is retired and has been living in this state her whole life - an intelligent woman who can be labeled a "Jack...or Jacklyn of all trades" - she worked as a wedding photographer to driving a truck" - She's experienced life, and I love that. She is as North Dakotan as you can get, she also enjoys her rights as an American, and by no means is she trying to take anyone's amendments away from there, but she saw something last Saturday here in Mandan that was quite disturbing.

Driving along in Mandan she came across a rummage sale almost out of nowhere

You wouldn't expect to run into this, but Susan did. She told me on the phone she saw it back behind a commercial building, in downtown Mandan - kind of like an alleyway parking lot. From there Susan explored the rummage sale, with items you would expect to see...at a standard rummage sale. Here is what she posted a couple of days ago:

"This was today at a rummage sale here in #NorthDakota
To sell booze you need a license but for the other posted for 21 years old no license needed, no #backgroundchecks just don’t lie about being a felon and be sure to admit If you are crazy.
So much for being law-abiding and responsible.
ND century code
5-02 any person engaging in the sale of alcoholic beverages at retail without first securing an appropriate license from the attorney general and a local license from the governing body of any city, or if the business is located outside the corporate limits of a city, the board of county commissioners or the governing body of an Indian tribe, as the location requires, is guilty of a class A misdemeanor"
       Here is an actual video she took :

Some things I want to make clear about Susan

Once again by no means is she after people losing their 2nd amendment rights, she doesn't want anyone taking her 1st amendment rights from her - "I don't have a problem stating my opinion, as Americans we can do better to protect our children, it shouldn't be so easy to buy a gun"

I respect her right to express her opinion just as much as I do for everyone else.



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