It's probably safe to say he's not her boyfriend anymore. The 22-year-old Mandan woman who was assaulted by her presumed ex on Sunday (Oct. 11) was left unable to close her jaw.

And the assault was even worse than previously reported.

The alleged assailant was 21-year-old Spencer O'Keefe, who got into a fight with his girlfriend as they came home from a party early Sunday morning. When they got out of the car, he slapped her and dragged her by the hair into their apartment, where her ordeal escalated.

O'Keefe proceeded to " 'kick [the woman] in the legs, abdomen and head while wearing steel toe boots,' Mandan Police Officer Michael Breid wrote in his affidavit. He also allegedly punched the woman in the face, stepped on her head and started strangling her," according to The Bismarck Tribune.

After repeatedly threatening her life, once by holding a kitchen knife to her throat, O'Keefe told his victim ominously, "I know what I'm going to do with you."

When he walked into a bedroom to retrieve something, the woman hurled herself to her feet and out the door, fleeing to a neighbor's, where she called 911.

The victim, who remains nameless, was hospitalized and left seriously injured and unable to close her jaw.

O'Keefe faces charges of felony aggravated assault and terrorizing, for which he could face up to a decade behind bars.

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