A billboard advocating the passage of Measure Three came down last week after only being up for a few days.

MyNDNow says billboard property owners ordered the sign taken down, saying they have a policy against political ads. The billboard was located just outside city limits of Richardton.

Advocate Chente Ornelas of Richardton says he paid a bargain price of $50 to have the ad posted.

The local Lions Club, who own the property say it was a mistake allowing the billboard to go up in the first place.

Mr. Ornelas got his money back, but says he remains motivated in getting the message out: "I'm buying more signs. I'm giving more interviews. . . telling the story. I'm pushing Measure 3. . . pushing go vote. If you are for it awesome. . . if you are against it read up. It's not the bogey man . . .not what everyone says."

He says more good might come actually out of his billboard being taken down than if it stayed up.

[Source: KXMB-TV News]

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