If you're reading that title and thinking, "That can't be right," well, compared to the rest of the nation, the millennials here have been reported as having "low levels of narcissism."

There's no reason you shouldn't already know this, but a "millennial" is defined in the urban dictionary as...well, it's a little harsh, so...let's just say, born sometime between 1982 and 1994, with the latest iPhone in their hand. The least offensive term the urban dictionary uses for a millennial is "entitled."

One of the worst traits that all millennials are described as are "narcissists." I'm a millennial (older millennial) myself and I get it. You have your phone on you at all times, expecting all those likes on Facebook to pour through after posting your latest selfie, expecting way too much because that's how you were spoiled. And yes, these millennials do exist in the real world, I've seen it. But, the good news is, they don't exist in North Dakota. According to a recent report from Syzygy, low levels of millennial narcissism were identified in North Dakota, along with Idaho, Iowa, and West Virginia.

However, there are states to avoid with this epidemic. It seems that "Narcissism hotspots" are in California (shocking), Connecticut, Georgia, and New Jersey.

This is amazing news! Give yourself a pat on the back, North Dakota millennials. While you're at it, feel free to celebrate it on social media. You deserve it. I am genuinely proud to be a millennial in North Dakota at this time. We're all doing something right. #NotThatNarcissistic

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