Obadiah Gamble is well known throughout Minnesota. He's a big fan of the Minnesota Wild and a huge fan of Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater.

Gamble, who is a former patient at the Minnesota Children's Hosiptal was invited to last night's Wild game to give the traditional, 'Let's Play Hockey' chant in front of the entire arena.

Later on in the game, Gamble was interviewed by the Fox Sports broadcasters and what happened during that interview was priceless. Here's the video:

What makes the moment more amazing is that it happens right after he is asked the question, "Are you having fun watching them score those goals, hear that big horn?"

Previously, Gamble had invited Teddy Bridgewater to attend a birthday party of his with a music video.

Thanks to Obadiah Gamble and the Minnesota Wild for making our Monday about 10 trillion times better.