Every cold-weather town needs one of these without a doubt

We have one here in Bismarck, with the Fore Seasons Center over at Pebble Creek Golf Course 2525 N 19th Street. A great way to stay loose and hit some golf balls inside during those frigid days outside. Imagine one covering a whole stadium? That's what Minot University has relied on since 2018 when it was built. I remember when the open house was held for this wonder, Minot residents were so excited to see this project unfold over the turf at Herb Parker Stadium. How perfect, to be able to have their sports teams practice - golf, baseball, softball, and soccer - indoors. So before last week's blizzard came thundering down, the thought of the "bubble bursting"  was never really an issue.

The reports are that there is still so much snow around the bubble that the damage hasn't been assessed yet

Like so much of North Dakota, Minot got hit hard, so much so that Minot State University's sports bubble collapsed - last Wednesday, obviously postponing any upcoming events that were planned. According to minotdailynews.com "MSU is waiting on Yeadon, the Minnesota company that supplied the bubble in December 2016, to send representatives to assist with the assessment, which will determine the next steps for the university, said MSU Athletic Director Andy Carter" Here is the thing, they believe that the bubble can be repaired but the big question is how much money will it cost the University? For now, everything has been shifted to the dome. Only time will tell if Minot's bubble returns.


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