Another fatal shooting by police has rocked a small Missouri town -- just miles from Ferguson.

This time, a white officer, who's a six-year veteran of the force, was on a routine check of a gas station in the town of Berkeley on Tuesday night when he came across two men. One of those men -- an African-American -- reportedly pointed  the gun at the officer, who responded by firing and fatally wounding him.

The second man ran from the scene. There are reportedly three witnesses to the shooting. The officer, meanwhile, will be placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.

In an area still feeling the effects of this past August's highly-publicized shooting of Michael Brown, the reaction was swift, as seen in the video below when several people got into a tense confrontation with officers.

Video of the scene shortly before the shooting has also surfaced, while a woman named Toni Martin has come forward to say the victim in the shooting is her son, Antonio Martin, and that reports that he was armed are not true.

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